Cocaine Use? Avoid ending up in hospital: Part One; The basics.

You’re at a party… or a music festival… or a night club… or whatever. You are offered what you have been told is the “the best high you will ever have”. You try it. Next thing you know; you are flat on your ass looking at the ceiling in a resus bay at the hospital wondering where this amazing high you were promised is. You have been conned. The Cocaine you have taken was not as pure as you were told and now you are in a whole world of pain.

Maybe you have never used it before and are curious, maybe you use it regularly and have only recently realised that this could happen. Whatever the case, if you decide you are going to use cocaine here are some tips to help keep yourself safe.

First things first. Be aware of how your own health could be affected by using. If, for example, you have a heart condition, cocaine could elevate your heart rate. Right now you are thinking, that’s great, get a bit of adrenaline going right? Not so much. If you have a heart condition, it could cause a life threating arrhythmia (that’s where your heart rhythm is screwed up and not beating normally) and yep – you could die.

Never go it alone. Keeping friends around you when you use cocaine will mean that you have support if something goes wrong, or at the very least you are in it together.

Always, Always, Always. TEST THE PURITY of the substance you are planning to use. A Cocaine Testing Kits is not expensive and a good one can range from $18-$25. Checking the purity could save you or your friends from ending up poisoned by something that has been used to bulk it up. Or worse… not cocaine at all (you would be surprised at how many people have been tricked into thinking icing sugar was cocaine). Have a look at these:

Keep yourself well hydrated with water, eat regularly and avoid overheating. Seems simple right? I know medical professionals who have seen it all, but the most common thing we see is people who have failed to do the basics, and have presented to emergency medical services dehydrated and hyper-thermic (that’s being too hot and cooking their brain – not good in case you didn’t know). To avoid this try to drink at least 300-600ml of water or Powerade/Gatorade every hour and take 10 minutes to chill out and cool down every hour. Whilst using a sports water such as Gatorade can be helpful to replenish electrolytes, be aware that using Red Bull or other drinks like it could be dangerous, as they actually make dehydration worse and elevate your heart rate further.

So want to avoid ending up with a medical emergency? Keep yourself safe. Use with friends. Keep hydrated and use a cocaine testing kit.

Published by 8negra