Beware of fake cocaine, and check it with a reliable drug testing kit

Ever since cocaine was discovered, people have consumed it for various reasons. From religious figures, who thought that the coca leaves offered them divine powers, to psychiatrists who believed it cocaine’s benefits and ravers who simply love to party, people have used, even craved for, cocaine. As you may already know, cocaine is illegal in most parts of the world. But that doesn’t keep people from selling, buying, and consuming it. That’s why we firmly believe that a cocaine testing kit comes in handy.

Probably, today, cocaine is known for its negative side effects, as well as for the use of fake cocaine in Hollywood movies. But unlike the one sniffed by actors, another type of fake cocaine can be found at parties and music festivals. For health and safety reasons, if you are going to consume cocaine, you need to make sure that it’s not something else – you will need to test it out, and that’s why we are here. Having a cocaine testing kit could save your life, in case that drug dealer at the party or music festival sold you something else.

Whether you tried cocaine or not – and this goes for other drugs also – when it comes to buying some at a crowded festival, you are not able to tell what that obscure guy just sold you. In fact, that happens all the time to ravers, being tricked into buying some other unknown harmful substance, or simply flour. You might be able to notice if that drug dealer sold you flour. But in the case of substances alike, besides not being able to identify if that’s cocaine or not, you might end at the hospital.

That’s why we say that drug testing kits are a must for every party goer. These kits can be purchased online all over the United States, and such a kit will help you avoid getting scammed by no one. By pouring the purchased substance – what you think is cocaine – into a vile and mixing it with a drop or two of Mandelin Reagent, you can immediately see what you bought. That’s because the color of the mix will change, and you will be able to identify it with the help of a color chart. The kit can be used for 200 tests, making its price, of only $17.99, the best deal you’ve ever come across.

For your own safety, every time you go out to party, take a cocaine testing kit with you. Each year, hundreds of people die from overdose. But, also, each year, hundreds die from consuming another substance. Don’t be that guy if you are going sniff some cocaine.

Cocaine Use? Avoid ending up in hospital: Part One; The basics.

You’re at a party… or a music festival… or a night club… or whatever. You are offered what you have been told is the “the best high you will ever have”. You try it. Next thing you know; you are flat on your ass looking at the ceiling in a resus bay at the hospital wondering where this amazing high you were promised is. You have been conned. The Cocaine you have taken was not as pure as you were told and now you are in a whole world of pain.

Maybe you have never used it before and are curious, maybe you use it regularly and have only recently realised that this could happen. Whatever the case, if you decide you are going to use cocaine here are some tips to help keep yourself safe.

First things first. Be aware of how your own health could be affected by using. If, for example, you have a heart condition, cocaine could elevate your heart rate. Right now you are thinking, that’s great, get a bit of adrenaline going right? Not so much. If you have a heart condition, it could cause a life threating arrhythmia (that’s where your heart rhythm is screwed up and not beating normally) and yep – you could die.

Never go it alone. Keeping friends around you when you use cocaine will mean that you have support if something goes wrong, or at the very least you are in it together.

Always, Always, Always. TEST THE PURITY of the substance you are planning to use. A Cocaine Testing Kits is not expensive and a good one can range from $18-$25. Checking the purity could save you or your friends from ending up poisoned by something that has been used to bulk it up. Or worse… not cocaine at all (you would be surprised at how many people have been tricked into thinking icing sugar was cocaine). Have a look at these:

Keep yourself well hydrated with water, eat regularly and avoid overheating. Seems simple right? I know medical professionals who have seen it all, but the most common thing we see is people who have failed to do the basics, and have presented to emergency medical services dehydrated and hyper-thermic (that’s being too hot and cooking their brain – not good in case you didn’t know). To avoid this try to drink at least 300-600ml of water or Powerade/Gatorade every hour and take 10 minutes to chill out and cool down every hour. Whilst using a sports water such as Gatorade can be helpful to replenish electrolytes, be aware that using Red Bull or other drinks like it could be dangerous, as they actually make dehydration worse and elevate your heart rate further.

So want to avoid ending up with a medical emergency? Keep yourself safe. Use with friends. Keep hydrated and use a cocaine testing kit.

Set Out on a Harmless Journey Using our High-quality Drug Test Kits with

Knowing that an increasing number of youngsters take drugs on a regular basis for recreational purposes, we have decided to found a business with an emphasis on educating inexperienced drug users and connecting them with people that they may find interesting to hang out with.

We help you build trust with drugs

If you surf the internet or go some place in your local community, you’ll be hearing stories and stories about drug abuse. Unfortunately, people from these stories have met their maker before it was time only because they didn’t want to listen to any advice. But drug laymen frequently pick wrong methods to educate the uneducated. This is the very reason why we created - our mission is to spread the truth about drugs in the right way and say it out loud that if a person abuses drugs, it’s the person’s not the drug’s fault.

Our test kits are the shortcut to safe use

Most drugs are illegal, which leaves enough room for scams and swindling. Dealers often take advantage of such situation and provide you with a low-quality product that’s not even worth emerging on the market. It goes without saying that these drugs need to be tested due to its popularity among the younger crowd. Knowing that younger people are easy to fool, dealers take advantage of that, without thinking that it may cause severe damage or even death.

On the other hand, test kits are completely legal and you can take them with you anywhere you want. What’s more, they are really easy to use. Our business offers test kits for the following drugs: MDMA, Cocaine, and LSD. You are also provided with a full and detailed instruction about test kit usage. Not to mention that along with test kits you get 200+ tests for each.

Real life stories to show you you’re not alone

We not only deal with technical issues here. Our message that we want to get across is people who go through hardships related to drugs are not on their own. Even if you don’t know how to use test kits, or you abuse a certain drug, stories from our blog will show you that someone, somewhere is going through something similar, if not identical.

A chance to hook up with great people

We think that the endeavor to connect people of the community is crucial because this is the way to share personal experiences and improve the quality of drug use.

Ultimately,Whatismolly.comstands for our cause and will persevere in our intention to debunk drug myths and educate young people. 

How is Cocaine Potentially Harmful and the Ways of Reducing the Risk of Misuse

How is Cocaine Potentially Harmful and the Ways of Reducing the Risk of Misuse

Over the past few decades, drugs have become so widespread that the majority of youngsters used them for recreational purposes at least once in their lifetime. If you ask them, they’ll say drugs are fun. Drugs ARE fun but are also potentially harmful to your health in cases of misuse, sometimes even causing death.

Taking steps before taking drugs

Drug abuse is one of the top leading causes of death worldwide. Just like alcohol, if used properly, drugs cannot do you any harm. However, unlike alcohol, drug abuse is way more lethal when it comes to the death rate. To reduce the chances of meeting your maker prematurely, you should always test drugs before ingesting them. Especially cocaine.

Negative effects of cocaine

“Cocaine is one hell of a drug” is what they say on the internet. Pay attention to the word hell. This is exactly what cocaine abuse can turn your life into. People tend to blame cocaine for their the poor quality of their lifestyle, but it’s the misuse and the people’s choices that should be blamed. Here are some of the most common short-term negative effects of cocaine misuse:

  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Panic
  • Paranoia

If you are experiencing any of these, you are either overusing the substance, or it is simply of low quality.

If it’s the former, educate yourself about how much you should take and don’t go beyond the dosage numbers.

The latter is what we can actually help you about. There are things called testing kits that estimate the purity of a drug. The higher the purity, the lesser chance that you’ll contract a medical condition.

Cocaine testing kit

Cocaine test kit will help you test the purity of cocaine, which will assure you that the substance is of high quality and ready to use. All you’ll have to do is follow the guidelines and instruction steps. The kit consists of everything you need to have, including a chemical agent (Mandelin Reagent) that responds to your cocaine by changing color when mixed in with it.

However, you should know that reagent testing is never 100% accurate. Many factors determine the testing accuracy, but these are only slight variations.


Some people use cocaine in a misguided attempt to meet a goal, enhance performance, or just have plain fun. Don’t be like them.

Be mindful, test your substance by using a Cocaine testing kit, and rest assured you’ll be safe and sound after taking cocaine. No more will you have to worry about the aftermath.

Why are people dying at music parties?

The year’s Australian music celebration season has started in a terrible manner. It began with the death of Sylva Choi, a drug specialist at Stereosonic in Sydney, after devouring the untested substance, commonly referred to as MDMA, broke up in water. Around one week later, Stefan Woodward was hurried to the clinic, however, just a couple of hours later he died after taking ecstasy. His demise brought the aggregate number of drug- related death to 6.

A study that depended on the information from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime demonstrated that on the planet, per capita Australian grown-ups are driving on using ecstasy test kits. While the story is by all accounts different in European countries, for example, Netherlands, where drug parties are not famously, celebrated.

On account of a 19-year-old kid, Stefan Woodward, the police put down the episode to a dodgy bunch of narcotics. For quite a long while, this situation has been of concern. Individuals trust that they are acquiring drugs that contain MDMA; however rather, they contain another substance, for example, PMA, that has the comparable impact, yet is more poisonous and possibly destructive. Individuals who do not test their drugs prior to consumption can be very dangerous and risky.

In any case, as indicated by Dr. David Caldicott who is a senior lecturer at the Australian National University in the Faculty of Medicine, debased drugs aren’t the danger that we may think. He said that the issue of pollution unquestionably is not same as ten years back. But, the problem of virtue is a great deal more noteworthy than it has ever been some time recently. He was significantly more worried that the MDMA drugs of high dose are being made in the southwestern China, and it is turning up on the Australian business sector.

Caldicott said that they realize that there is the Australian propensity to the orgy, whether that being on unlawful medications or liquor. He clarified that if individuals took different pills of a high measurement, they could rapidly be in danger.

However, there is considerable another part of the celebration scene which prompts lowering medication taking, and that is law implementation. This demonstration which is known as frenzy dumping is more pervasive amongst party goers. A person that spots a drug recognition dog coming towards him may choose to swallow every one of the pills on the double which is indeed perilous.

Will Tregoning said that the utilization of location medication drugs has just succeeded in preventing a couple of people from taking unlawful drugs, while a lot of medicines still make their courses into the celebration?

Contemplating all these, what should be possible to forestall death at music festivals? Caldicott said that the primary response to this inquiry is to make accessible punters who have drugs tried for harmful substances also deadly measurements. Because been done effectively in European countries for quite a while, and the European Union has created best practice rules.

In the year 2012, Adriana Buccianti lost her 34-year-old child Daniel at a celebration in Victoria. Presently, she works with the coordinators of the festival (Rainbow Serpent) encouraging reveler to take care of them and consider their security in the utilization of medications.

Buccianti trusts that it is the ideal opportunity for the legislature to give the youngsters a chance to have entry to these life-saving administrations without apprehension of arrest. Richard Di Natale (Australian Greens pioneer) raise support for medication checking authorities a month ago, yet the Australian PM, Malcolm Tumbull recently said that the legislature wouldn’t aid them. Buccianti clarified that nobody is stating that taking drugs is a safe way, yet that the kids should be guided.

The new drug called MDMA Molly is increasingly popular

Molly is increasingly popular among young people today, and it is constantly mentioned in rap songs, no wonder that children check. It is part of what is considered the purest ecstasy and ecstasy is safer. What many users really get is often a drug that was cut with meth or something more dangerous. Users are strongly advised to test their molly with a MDMA test kit in order to prevent harm. When used, Molly makes serotonin rush to the brain, causing extreme feelings of happiness and well-being.

According to sources, there is new evidence that these drugs can actually be neurotoxic, meaning it can damage cells in the brain.

Long-term users Molly showed signs of depression and anxiety. This is probably due to the absence of the ability to naturally replace their serotonin levels.

MDMA affects the body’s ability to regulate the temperature, which can cause overheating. Drinking too much water, because users often do, can expel potassium provide their bodies. This can cause your organs to swell, which was fatal. With the risk of overdose, it is important to know the club signs of drug use, including high temperature, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, hallucinations and vomiting.

Molly use has become so popular that a drug treatment center for teenagers in New York, the Daytop should reopen the program accordingly. More than 200 children have sought help from the center in the last six months. center director revealed that nearly 90 percent of children were treated to fight against the use of synthetic drugs, some as young as 13 years.

Experts are concerned about teenagers who use drugs. These days, children who consume dangerous synthetic drugs and mixing with alcohol and other drugs. Types of drug use, in most cases, lead to a more extreme use of drugs such as heroin, and could lead to an overdose.

What precautions are taken to stop Molly Abuse

Some schools have started to do a random search, where they go through each student lockers. Although the authorities have decided not to disclose or not drugs or other illegal substances are found, you can be sure that the random searches make an impact on students. One student mentioned that performs some of his friends became very nervous when searching.

Kara Donahue Clarkstown Police believe that parents should not rely on the school system to deal with drug and alcohol issues with their children. They, the parents are those who have to teach their children about the serious problems, such as drug use. They need to instill ethics in their children and let them know what is expected of them. Children need to know about the real world of drug use, including health and legal consequences. Giving children this important information, which will be able to make better decisions about their lives.

Why Molly Can Be Deadly at Music Festivals and Raves

What Is Molly?

MDMA, better known as molly, ecstasy, or just E, is a regular part of music festivals and raves. Festival-goers and ravers love the effects it has, including a feeling of euphoria, increased energy, and general feelings of happiness and joy. It makes them want to dance all night and gives them the energy to do it. They feel connected to the people around them, reduced anxiety, and heightened sensations. As an added bonus, it acts fairly quickly. It usually kicks in within 30-45 minutes, and the effects can last for up to 6 hours. At raves, especially, with the music up as loud as it is and the lighting effects, the feelings of molly can be intensified.

What Is Molly?

Molly Effects

But what most of them don’t realize is the danger of taking molly in such a setting. One of the side effects of molly is a raised body temperature. Even moderate doses of molly can raise body temperature to a dangerous level when taken in hot temperature. Since music festivals are typically held in warm weather, the effect can be amplified, and when combined again with the high-energy dancing taking place, it can be deadly. High body temperature, called hypothermia, can quickly lead to muscle breakdown and kidney failure, which can lead to death within minutes.

Another dangerous side effect of MDMA is that it can interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize other drugs. Taking multiple drugs at once is another common occurrence at music festivals and raves, as is mixing those drugs with alcohol, all of which can combine to deadly effect. Seizures, heart failure, massive organ failure, all of these have been reported at various events.

Part of the problem is that when the demand for molly began to rise, the supply couldn’t keep up with the demand, and dealers started to cut it with other drugs or substances. After about 2007, when the demand across college campuses grew, and the drug was name-dropped in several pop and rap songs, the access to pure molly became rare. Today most of what is being passed around at your average festival or rave is nowhere near what it used to be. Several of these synthetic drugs give the user more of the stimulant properties of MDMA, and less of the euphoric properties, completely missing the point of the original drug. It’s also not unusual to get a pill with no actual MDMA in it at all. Therefore it is crucial to purchase an MDMA testing kit to know what substance you are ingesting. This means that people who think they’re taking molly are often taking something completely different, which leads to side effects they weren’t expecting when they take other drugs or alcohol with it. Even if they aren’t mixing it with anyone else, they have no idea what they’re taking or how it will affect them.

Pure molly is usually harmless. But the flood of synthetic drugs into the market combined with the feeling of invulnerability usually shown by the very young can be a deadly combination.